Tskhinval Mayor rents housing for those affected during Georgian aggression

Tue, 27/01/2009 - 17:00

The City Administration provides support to those citizens who were badly affected by the Georgian aggression and who lost their housing by renting apartments, reports Robert Guliev, Tskhinval Mayor.
"There are written applications of citizens who completely lost their private houses during the Georgian aggression and they have no place to stay at. We are renting apartments for these citizens by means of concluding trilateral agreements: lesser, lessee and the city administration. The rent payment will be paid through the period until the lessee would not be able to purchase or gain an apartment", said Guliev.
"This is an optimal option to help the affected persons", he underscored.
According to City Administration, as a result of the Georgian aggression, 20 multifamily houses are a subject of clearing, 127 apartments and 2606 private houses have been damaged, 256 apartments and 673 private houses were completely brunt down.

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