Murat Tkhostov: "It is about military preparations of a state the political leadership of which did not receive a unilateral critical evaluation from international community"

Mon, 02/02/2009 - 17:33

A member to Russian delegation in Geneva talks, Deputy Administration Chairman of North Ossetia"s Government Murat Tkhostov commented on Georgia"s declaring force majeure in relation to international inspection of its armed.
"This factor is worth paying attentions by both our community and international agencies. Georgia refused to Russia"s possible participation in inspections of sites belonging to Georgia"s armed forces, however such inspections is envisaged in 1999 Vienna document/ This refusal should be viewed in thecontext of foreign policy of Georgia with its key element of preparation of diplomatic and other conditions for forceful return of South Ossetia", said Tkhostov.
Tkhostov draw attention to the fact that this is all about a state which has been rapidly increasing its military capacities with all possible means.
"This militarization has been carried out with loudly voiced assurances that all these preparations were meanth to strengthen the statehood of peaceful Georgia. We could observe in August the peacefulness in action".
"Increase of military capacities in Georgia, restoration of its army with the western partners" support, which is moreover carried out in the shadow of banned inspection, these are the actions targeted at decreasing the level of stability and increase of a new military crisis risks. It is doubtful that such views are shared by international community.
It is extremely dangerous to forget that we speak about military prepearations of a state, the political leadership of which did not receive from international community a unilateral critical evaluation of its actions in August, and which continues to dream about military revenche in South Ossetia", stressed Murat Tkhostov.

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