The Georgian citizens detained in South Ossetia were allowed to meet with journalists

Tue, 03/03/2009 - 11:53

The Law Enforcement Bodies of RSO conducting investigation of illegal border crossing by Georgian citizens Demuri Chighladze and Divid Kapanadze allowed the detainees to meet with journalists.
During their meeting with media representatives, Demuri Chighladze, detained 27 February, told journalists that it was true he participated in armed activities in August 2008, though not directly involved in fighting, but transported wounded soldiers to Gori Hospital.
Demuri Chighladze also told how the August war started. According to him "On August 7 morning, the Chief of Police Vano Datashvili went to the villages of Nuli and Avnevi by his office car and warned that the Georgian forces would enter Tskhinvali on Aug, 7, to make us ready to evacuate children, women and elderly".
To the question as to how they happened to arrive in the territory of South Ossetia, the detainees said that: "they were going to visit their friend Nugzar Shubikidze who had invited them to the village. We started from Tbilisi in our OPEL and met our friend in Gori. He offered following him to the village of Chvrinisi. Our friend went their earlier, we followed him, but went astray and happened to reach the territory of South Ossetia. Here, we were stopped".
On the journalists" request, the detainees had also told about the situation in bordering areas of Georgia. In particular, Demuri Chighladze said that "there were new tanks located in Gori which were brought from Ukraine. "

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