Eduard Kokoity: "The number of complaints about humanitarian aid distribution among the population significantly decreased"

Tue, 17/03/2009 - 17:04

A session of Humanitarian Commission presided by President Eduard Kokoity was held. At the session, an evaluation to the Commission"s work has been given.
"Today I would like to receive the whole amount of information concerning received and distributed humanitarian assistance. In general, I agreed with the information received from the Committee for State Security (KGB). Since late January, a well-maintained system in the process of aid distribution was established, the number of complaints about humanitarian aid distribution among the population significantly decreased", said the President.
The session continued with the report by Health and Social Development Minister Nugzar Gabaraev. "I cannot tell anything about the quality of work taking place from August to November. It was the time when loads were brought to the republic unrecorded and there was no system. There might be objective reasons for this. We practically had no possibility to work normally, we had no experience, therefore we could not cope with the work. Now, with the Humanitarian Commission established, the work is going smoothly. Thanks to State Control Department (Goskontrol) all loads and goods were counted and recorded at the storages, and financially accountable people were assigned. We have identified the categories of population eligible for humanitarian aid. I can tell that the big fuss about humanitarian aid calmed down. The work is ongoing in rural areas of the Republic. We bring humanitarian aid directly to beneficiaries. So far, assistance was provided to 1004 families". The minister also spoke about shortages and problems in the Humanitarian Commission"s work.
"There are certainly problems which hamper a full-fledge work: there is no unified data base, there is a lack of transport means and funding. That is the Commission needs financial resources.
in order not to have discrepancies with North Ossetia, we should obtain initial documents", said Nugzar Gabaraev.
Teimura Khugaev had also made his proposals. "It is necessary to assign persons accountable for every warehouse, to strictly follow the accounting and registration of received humanitarian assistance and its distribution. It is necessary to evaluate the work of those officials who were dealing with receipt and distribution of humanitarian aid, since there was no system and reporting since August till November 2008," he stressed.

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