Eduard Kookily held a session of the RSO Government Presidium

Tue, 05/05/2009 - 19:11

The RSO President Eduard Kokoity held a session of the Government Presidium in Tskhinval. 16 questions were placed on the agenda, out of which 13 got approved and three other left out for further elaboration. Among the priority issues was that of sequence of projects falling under the program on reconstruction of private housing damaged during Georgia's armed aggression against South Ossetia. Head of RSO Committee for Reconstruction Zurab Kabisov had a floor on this issue.
"The Program has been elaborated in order to ensure implementation of private housing and oublic buildings within the manifold plan of housing reconstruction and social infrastructures adopted upon the decision of Interagency Commission. This program envisages a prior data provided on each particular house that the damage was caused during the hostilities", noted Kabisov in his report.
"We are pleased to find ourselves starting to deal with reconstruction issues. In relation to his, we are expecting a big delegation to arrive and everyone should be ready to respond to all related issues. We have compiled lists of all houses in SO which need reconstruction", said Kokoity.
The discussion resulted in a decision to establish a special commission to deal with the sequence of works and priority houses for reconstruction.
At the session, the Concept paper on development of professional education for the years of 2010-2020 has been adopted. "This Concept sets forth management and legal grounds for state support to primary, secondary and higher education, as well as profession training, in order to implement a unified state policy in the sector of professional staff training in SO. The concept elaborates on the basic principles of educational policy for 2010-2020 годы", said the RSO Education Minister Anatoli Kustraev in his report. The meeting continued with discussion of educational capacities at village administrations in Tskhinval district, adoption of Provisions on unified customs fees for motor transport brought to SO, allocation of funds for Veteran Council of RSO, charging off the interest-free loans provided for Tskhinval mayor office, etc.

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