The election preparation is ongoing as scheduled

Wed, 27/05/2009 - 11:20

A full-fledge preparation for RSO Parliement election is ongoing in Leningor district, reported the Head of District Administration Anatoly Margiev.
”The preparation for parliamentary election is ongoing as scheduled. Almost all polling stations had been equipped, the population is ready to fulfill the civil duty – to come and cast their vote for their future”, said the head of the administration.
Anatoly Margiev also told about the important events in the life of the district. “The main event was certainly the visit of the RSO President Eduard Kokoity. He had meetings with the population. The inhabitants were glad to see the attention paid by the Republic’s authorities. The President had discussed crucial problems with the population and promised that the salary issue would be settled. Eduard Jabeevich had also visited the museum and promised to allocated 1 million rouble for its development”, he said. The Head of the Administration also mentioned that like in other schools of South Ossetia, ceremonies devoted to the school-year ending were also held at the District schools.

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