Ministry for Regional Development had discussed South Ossetia rehabilitation issues at the meeting in Tskhinval

Fri, 29/05/2009 - 09:37

The meeting at the State Committee for Implementation of Rehabilitation Projects in RSO was held by the Deputy Minister of Regional Development of the RF, Chairman of the Inter-Agency Commission Roman Panov. The South Ossetian side was represented by the Chairman of the State Committee for Implementation of Rehabilitation Projects in South Ossetia Zurab Kabisov, his first Deputy Vladimir Matveev, Head of Tskhinval City Administration Rober Guliev and the Chief Engineer of « Stavropolkraigaz » Vladimir Panpurin. The meeting focused on the issues related to rehabilitation of Edis-Tskhinval water pipeline, problems of gas connection to distribution networks, reconstruction of underground pipelines and rehabilitation of private housing.
« 508 mil RUR had been allocated for rehabilitation of water pipeline, gas distribution and replacing of underground pipelines. The funds for rehabilitation are available. The mechanism of implementation of works has also been discussed. At the next session of the Inter-Agency Commission, contractors and advance payments will be approved, and then, it will be possible to start the works », said Roman Panov.
The list of priority repair works at the water pipeline has been approved : repair of water intake, pool and underground pipes, construction of two new reservoirs.
« It is necessary to map the underground pipe network in order to repair them, » said Panov.
« Takred » had been selected as the subcontractor for rehabilitation of the water pipeline. This agency had been earlier involved in repair works at Tskhinval water-supply system. Currently, water is supplied to the city for 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening. With the water pipeline rehabilitated, water will be supplied for not less than 12 hours per day.
The rehabilitation works will continue for 3 months.
The meeting also discussed gasification of Tskhinval city and gas connection for Mosckovski microdistrict. I twas decided to place 18 km of aboveground gas pipes since major part of the pipes is worn out. It is expected that these works will take about a month. The meeting had also voiced the plans on reconstruction of private housing.
While discussing private house reconstruction, Vladimir Matveev noted that “in the nearest future the “maser plan of reconstruction will be elaborated. Within three weeks, the houses in the Jewish quarter destroyed during the August event will be demolished. It is planned to build a new housing estate there. As of today, a North Ossetian organization is dealing with topography of the Jewish quarter”.
“It is planned to rebuild 334 houses, 250 of them is the minimum to be done through the reconstruction. The houses which do not fall under renovation, will be demolished. In case if the house owner doe not agree with the Commission’s decision, a laboratory conclusion will be drawn which will clearly explain if the house is to be demolished or not,” underlined Panov.
According to him, the “priority in the reconstruction of private housing will be given to those houses which are located in the center of the city in order to improve the appearance.”
The meeting concluded with the site visit to Znaurskaya street, where the first house has been demolished, and at its place, a new house will be built”.

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