The first session of the Parliament Presidium

Thu, 25/06/2009 - 13:11

The first session of the Parliament Presidium was held chaired by the Parliament Speaker Stanislav Kochiev. At the beginning of the session, Stanislav Kochiev congratulated the Parliament with its first session and expressed his believe in the Parliament’s future fruitful work. During the session, the functions of the Parliament committees were approved and distributed among the Parliament members.
The members to the nine Parliament committees were selected. The Parliament Speaker noted that it was necessary to elaborate the activity plan for the next six months as soon as possible. “The Sessions of the Parliament and its Presidium will take place on a weekly basis. Ministers and heads of governmental structures will be invited to these sessions. The Parliament is a living body to which the whole government except for the president is accountable.”
The Parliament MPs elected deputy speakers and heads of committees.

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