The RSO Parliament discussed the draft law “On Defense”

Thu, 09/07/2009 - 13:12

At today’s session, the members of the RSO Parliament discussed the draft law “On Defense” and the assignment of Carina Tskhovrebova as the judge to the Supreme Court of South Ossetia.
As reported by the press-service of the RSO Parliament, the MPs approved the candidature of Carina Tskhovrebova proposed by the RSO President as a judge to the Supreme Court, and adopted the Law “On Defense” in the first hearing.

Three new articles and certain amendments were introduced into the Law “On Defense”, since the last version of the law was adopted in 1992 when South Ossetia was a parliamentarian republic. Since that time, the state management system changes and in accordance with the Constitution, the President is the Chief Commander of the Armed Forces. In this regard, the MPs had certain comments to the law and therefore, the new draft law was adopted in the first hearing. Besides, the session established a permanent Commission on cooperation between the RSO Parliament and the Council of Federation of the RF”, reported the press-service.
It was also noted that the session was attended by a group of MPs of the North Ossetian Parliament headed by the Deputy Speaker Stanislav Kesaev. “The North Ossetian MPs expressed their full support to the South Ossetian Parliament and the readiness to provide assistance to their South Ossetian colleagues”, said the press-service report.

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