The First Session of the Parliament Took Place

Wed, 17/06/2009 - 15:45

The first session of the newly elected Parliament of the Republic of South Ossetia was held today in Tskhinval. Representative of the RSO government headed by the RSO President Eduard Kokoity, the Central Election Commission members. The session was presided by the oldest member of the Parliament Nikolay Dzagoev.
The chairperson of the Central Election Commission Bella Plieva reported on the pre-election campaign and the election process, the 31 May voting and on the CEC activities in general.
The session proceeded with the MPs electing the Mandate Commission and the Parliament Secretariat. According to their agenda, the MPs should have elected the Speaker of the Parliament and Deputy Speakers and Chairs of Parliamentary Committees. However, it was suggested postponing the discussion and decision on these issue until 19 June so that MPs have time for consultations to nominate their candidates for the parliament speaker for consideration by the President and for approval by the Parliament.

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