EMERCOM of Russia handed over fire-fighting vehicles and rescue equipment to their South Ossetian colleagues

Mon, 27/07/2009 - 10:53

The RSO President Eudard Kokoity together with visiting Head of the RF Emercom Sergey Shoigu and President of North Ossetia-Alania Taimuraz Mamsurov saw the fire-fighting and rescue service buildings in Tskhinval and in Djava (Djava district).
Sergey Shoigu handed over to South Ossetia colleagues four fire-fighting vehicles and rescue equipment. While talking about the tasks of the RSO Emercom, Shoigu stressed that these are: to save human lives, and to ensure that all supplies needed for people a in place.
”This is what we are constantly dealing with and therefore we have handed over to South Ossetian Emercom water-filtering equipment and generators for independent power supply. Of course, we will continue equipping local Emercom so that there are 100 % of needed facilities. We have a separate task to consider issues related to avalanche threats, especially in Upper and Lower Ruk, and all problems related to ensuring safety of the Ruk tunnel”, said the head of the Emercom.
He emphasized that it is important “that the plans are implemented, new units are introduced and equipment arrives”. “I have already voiced all comments I had: it is necessary to more actively train the staff, since this equipment implies a skillful user”, noted Shoigu. In his turn Eduard Kokoity told the journalists about the work of the RSO Emercom in remote areas of South Ossetia. “Equipping of RSO Emercom units in remote areas of our republic, namely in Leningor district are carried out through the Ministry for Regional Development of the Russian Federation. These issues are under elaboration by the RF Emercom specialists. The whole territory of Leningor district was under Georgian occupation till August 2008. There are no facilities on the ground that might serve as a ground for establishing Emercom units there. Therefore, these problems will be further elaborated and settled in the nearest future. By the end of the year, fire-fighting units will be fully operational. The work is ongoing and there are already duty stations of firefighters. The population there was not left helpless to face the problems”, said the President.

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