Eduard Kokoity held a meeting with the Government of South Ossetia

Wed, 19/08/2009 - 16:21

The President of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity held a meeting with the Government. The meeting started with reports of law enforcement and defense structures informing about the security situation in the Republic over the past week.
According to Defense Minister Yury Tanaev, no visible evidences of aggression planned against South Ossetia have been observed.
“In the meantime, at all 45 Georgian checkpoints located along the borderline with South Ossetia, fortification activities were intensified”, said Tanaev. Acting Emergency Situations Minister Anatoly Bibilov reported that demining works were carried out in South Ossetia on territories occupied by Georgia before August 2008.
“We have the necessary equipment and today the demining activities are starting”, said Bibilov.

Acting Chair of the State Committee for Implementation of Reconstruction Projects Zurab Kabisov informed the gathering that the number of constructors engaged in the works in Tskhinval had increased. “At each project site, there is one brigade of 5-6 men. More than 100 projects are now ongoing in the city. As to rural areas, in Khetagurovo, for instance, 11 sites are under full reconstruction”, reported Kabisov.
According to him, the rehabilitation process in rural areas are in normal state, while in Tskhinval, there are problem with demolition of houses due to unclear documentation, and this causes certain delays in the reconstruction.
“In general, the process dynamics is positive” underscored Kabisov.
Eduard Kokoity had once again pointed to the importance of the reconstructions works and the necessity to mobilize all available resources to speed up the process.
The President expressed his dissatisfaction with journalists’ work in covering the reconstruction, stressed that only problematic points were reported and sometimes, false information was circulated.
Acting Finance Minister Inal Pukhaev reported that due to unregulated mechanism for state border crossing for goods between South Ossetia and Russia, a shorted of fuel has been observed. “A working meeting with the Customs Department and the RF Emercom was held, as well as the State Committee for reconstruction and State Purchase Committee. The meeting resulted in an agreement stipulating the simplified border-crossing” said Pukhaev.
The discussion continued with issues related to work out pits for production of construction material. The talk also focused on regulations restricting illegal hunting and fishing.

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