Geneva Discussions Co-Chars to discuss in Tskhinval issues related to the forthcoming round of talks


Today, the Geneva talks Co-Chairs are expected to pay a visit to South Ossetia. These are representatives of the EU, OSEC and UN, reported the office of the Plenipotentiary for Post-Conflict Settlement. The delegation will be headed by the EU Co-Chair Pierre Morel.

The report also reads that during their visit the Co-Chairs will meet with the Plenipotentiary for Post-Conflict Settlement Boris Chochiev, as well as with the South Ossetian delegation members to the talks in Geneva. The Co-Chairs will be received by the president of the Republic of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity. The results of the discussions will be voiced to media representatives after the meeting. As Boris Chochiev had earlier reported to IA RES, the main issue to be raised by the South Ossetia delegation to the Geneva talks will be the agreement between South Ossetia and Georgia on non-use of force. The forthcoming round of Geneva discussions will take place 8 June 2010.

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