UN Secretary General's Special Representative: UN General Assembly and UN itself are different things


The opinion of the UN General Assembly might not coincide with the position of the whole organization, stated the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General Johann Verbeke commenting on the General Assembly's Resolution on return of refugees to Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Verbeke underlined that UN General Assembly and concretely the UN as such are different things: "The position of the General Assembly does not imply the position of the whole organization. Though we are members to the UN, each one of us reserves the right to work and help people whenever they are".

"Adoption of this resolution is even desirable since it will help us in the process of refugee return. Since the return of refugees is on the agenda of different organizations, each has its vision of and attitude towards the problem", said Verbeke. In the meantime, the authorities of South Ossetia see nothing extraordinary in the adoption of this document. "Obviously, these are the states, which armed Georgia and which allowed the Tbilisi regime to wage war against South Ossetia. In order to save their face in the situation when they are responsible for so many casualties and fates of people who lost their property and to justify their action, they voted for this resolution", stated the Special Representative for Post Conflict Boris Chochiev. "They forget the most important thing. Where was UN General Assembly when since 1989 more than 120 thousand Ossetians were evicted from Georgia because of their ethnicity", said Chochiev.
According to him, "it was not a secret that the draft of this Resolution was sanctioned if not elaborated by the UNHCR". "And there is a question. Does the organization, which provides help depending on nationality, have the right to deal with refugee issue within the frames of the UN?", stated Chochiev.

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