Leonid Tibilov and David Sanakoev will contest in the South Ossetian presidential run-off


None of the candidates for president of South Ossetia has collected the required number of votes to win the first round. As reported by the CEC Chairman Bella Plieva at a briefing of the CEC Information Centre, according to preliminary data of the second round Leonid Tibilov, who has collected 42.48% of the vote (11,453 people) and David Sanakoev, who has collected 24.58% of voters (6627 people) will contest in the South Ossetian presidential run-off.
Dmitry Medoev who has collected 23.79% (6415 votes) and Stanislav Kochiev - 5.26% (1417 votes) have dropped out of the presidential race. 0.80% (216 electors) voted against all candidates.

Total turnout of voters is 70.28% of the whole number of the electorate. It is currently reported that 100% of the protocols of the territorial election commissions have already been processed. As noted by Bella Plieva, the final results of the first round will be announced not later than five days after the election- that is March 31. The second round will take place not later than 15 days from the date of announcement of the final election results; presumably the voting will take place on April 8.

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