Russian interagency delegation began its work in South Ossetia

Thu, 08/11/2012 - 10:05

Deputy Prime Minister of South Ossetia Alla Dzhioeva has received today representatives of the Russian interagency delegation arrived in the country to provide socio-economic assistance to the population. The meeting was attended by heads of the South Ossetian ministries and agencies.

A head of the Strategic Planning Border Service of the Russian Federation Grigory Ganovichev has reminded the audience of the humanitarian actions conducted by the FSS in South Ossetia in previous years, when, coordinated with the agency, the specialists of the Russian executive authorities screened the population of the Republic, provided technical and practical assistance to the South Ossetian authorities and agencies.
"We reported to the Russian leadership about the results of those actions: it became clear that these actions, of course, are useful and necessary, but they don`t solve serious problems. It was therefore decided to progress from the one-time actions to planned work for providing comprehensive assistance to South Ossetia in the economic and social advancement, "- said Ganovichev.
According to him, the functions of the FSS don`t not include the organization of large events, though the efficacy of such work is obvious, it is not the same as we would like.
"First of all we focus on border areas, because security of a state depends very much on their development. We are responsible, first of all, for condition of the state border security, it is very important ", - he underlined.
Ganovichev has reported that in February of this year was developed a set of measures, approved by the President of Russia, which provides for the work of Russian ministries and departments in South Ossetia.
"The FSS is assigned the coordinating role. But now we are preparing some proposals to delegate powers to the Commission on Socio-Economic Cooperation with South Ossetia headed by Tatyana Golikova "- said Ganovichev.
He has pointed out that this time the interagency group came to check the effectiveness of the previous work and determine the problems for making the necessary adjustments to a set of measures for next year.
Ganovichev has reported that members of the group will work with the South Ossetian counterparts to 12 November.
In turn, the head of the group of doctors of the RF FSS Military Medical Department Georgy Mogilnitsky has noted that if earlier the disaster medicine doctors were receiving the patients themselves, this time the reception of patients will take place jointly with the South Ossetian doctors. There will also be held the conferences with demonstration of clinical cases.
During the meeting it was also discussed the work schedule of the interdepartmental group in South Ossetia.
It should be reminded that yesterday within the framework of humanitarian action the interdepartmental group from Russia arrived in South Ossetia. The group consists of the experts of different fields of medicine, education, culture and sports. During the event, held from 7 to 12 November, will be organized consultative work with the doctors of health institutions, will be provided humanitarian aid to schools and conducted professional trainings for teachers of secondary schools.
Residents of South Ossetia in this period can visit the mobile exhibition of the Russian FSS Central Museum and attend the competitions in volleyball, mini-football of the teams of the law enforcement agencies and other departments of the country.
Today the Russian interagency group is working in Tskhinval district of South Ossetia.

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