Concept of creating a Centre for Political Studies was discussed in Tskhinval

Sat, 01/12/2012 - 11:03

Concept for creating a Centre for Political Studies in South Ossetia has been discussed today in Tskhinval at the meeting of the expert group Media Center "IR." In discussing the main topic of the meeting - "Internal and Foreign policy of the Republic of South Ossetia in the context of Political Research and Media Coverage" -have taken part representatives of the South Ossetian authorities, in particular, Foreign Minister David Sanakoev, Presidential Envoy for post-conflict settlement Murat Dzhioev, State Adviser of the RSO President Konstantin Kochiev.

The participants of the meeting noted the relevance of establishing a Centre for Political Studies, which would deal with the study of the political and economic processes in the Republic .
"It will be an independent organization, which will monitor the situation in and around South Ossetia. The center`s activities will include the tracking study, monitoring, structuring and systematization, as well as preparation of the appropriate materials, "- said a head of the Media Center "Il" Irina Gagloeva.
She proposed two directions for the future center: South Ossetian-Russian relations and the South Ossetian, Russian-Georgian relations.
"First of all, we will be able to monitor these two directions," - said Gagloeva.
In turn, Director of the NGO "Agency of Socio-Economic and Cultural Development," a politologist Dina Alborova has noted the need to identify all factors in the South Caucasus for further study and prognostication of the situation around South Ossetia.
The meeting participants have stressed that creation of the center needs the support of the government.
State Councilor and President Konstantin Kochievhas also noted the relevance of establishing such a center.
"We live in a democratic state and are able to establish any organization, if it doesn’t contradict the Constitution and laws of the Republic. The state, in turn, must ensure the resources of the center ", - said Kochiev.
In general, the meeting participants came to the conclusion that South Ossetia was beyond the information field of discussion the Russian-Georgian relations and pointed to the lack of the information-analytical material about South Ossetia by the South Ossetian authors.
In conclusion, Irina Gagloeva said that the Media Center had prepared the appeal to the government of the Republic to support the establishment of the Center for Political Studies.

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