Media Review of Georgia. Mikhail Saakashvili – a bankrupt in politics and in the family, Ilia II hopes for the heavenly Powers to destruct South Ossetia

Tue, 25/12/2012 - 14:05

The events, taking place in Georgia, continue to discredit relentlessly the myth of the full support of the policy of the Georgian President (yet) Mikhail Saakashvili and his entourage by the Georgian people, created within the last decade by Georgian propaganda, western agitprop, and the home-grown liberals.
"Today, the unifiedby the memorandum on resignation of President Mikhail Saakashvili organizations will hold meetings in Poti and Guria – reported "MediaNews." Along with the meetings, the process of collecting signatures to demand the resignation of the president is still under way. According to the initiative group, by this time 500 thousand signatures have already been collected, "- writes the Georgian news agency "MediaNews" on December 23, 2012 in the article "500 thousand signatures have been collected for resignation of Mikhail Saakashvili, " - the initiative group. "

December 24 the protesters will leave for Batumi to submit a claim to the Constitutional Court for the resignation of the President of Georgia. On the same day, at 14:00 an emergency briefing will be held at the Constitutional Court. Here we should note again the love of the Georgian politicians and parapolitical hangouts for such buzzwords as "extraordinary", "special", and so on.
Earlier, on December 20, 2012 "in Kutaisi the presidential motorcade was stoned by protesters, demanding the early resignation of the head of state," writes the Georgian informational portal "Georgia Online» in the article "Saakashvili is ready to "go public" without guard," published on the same day.
The article reminds us that "in Kutaisi (Western Georgia) on Wednesday a scuffle took place between the deputies of the pro-presidential "United National Movement" and supporters of the

"Georgian Dream" participated in the action at the local office of "END ". Saakashvili, who had met with MPs, could leave the office, accompanied by the security guard, but on the street the crowd stoned the presidential motorcade, after which the participants of the action began insulting physically the MP Akaki Minashvili."
In response, "Mikhail Saakashvili said he was not in need of the bodyguard, commenting on the government's plans for the State Security Service re-subordination." Literally, Saakashvili said, according to the same edition," -"Police apologized yesterday (Wednesday), as they had been instructed ... to allow the activists of the concrete party to do something with the president. Yesterday they (the activists) realized that had obtained nothing, and now they have introduced a bill in the parliament to deprive the President of the bodyguards. So let them to deprive me of the bodyguards! It is in the interests of those who have introduced this bill, "- Saakashvili said on the air "Rustavi-2" on Thursday, adding that he had no reasons to protect himself from his people." We`ll see how he will "go public" without the bodyguards. However, most likely, it will not happen. After all, the new leaders of Georgia are not fascists - they cannot know how it could end for the disgraced (as also happens) president.
But the biggest "surprise" was waiting for Saakashvili not in Kutaisi, but ... in his own family.

"Edward -the eldest son of the Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili- secretly participated in a mass meeting of the then opposition - "Georgian Dream"- in Tbilisi. This was announced on Thursday by prominent Georgian politician, former MP Petre Mamradze, reported the correspondent of the newspaper VIEW in Georgia", - writes the information publication "Assemblies of the people of Georgia, "which is called" Together we are stronger" in the article "A son of Saakashvili went into opposition to his father ".
"In an interview with the newspaper "Alia" Mamradze said that he had been a few meters away from a son of Saakashvili at the rally, who was in sunglasses and bandana. "I did not come up to him, because he clearly wanted to remain incognito. He studies at the American School in Tskneti (a suburb of Tbilisi), his classmates have confirmed that he was with them at the meeting, "- said the politician. "Thank God that the child is not like his father," - said Petre Mamradze. "In the family Misha (Mikhail Saakashvili) is advised to retire as soon as possible," - said the former MP, the former head of the office of the Georgian president. "I know the family well and have this information from many sources," - said Petre Mamradze. According to him, the eldest son called on his father to resign. "
Yes, one should state: Saakashvili suffered a complete collapse in all cases he had initiated: the country under his leadership lost the war, inglorious for Georgia (however, even in case of a victory over a tiny South Ossetia, this war would have been a disgrace to Georgia), his party has suffered a defeat and lost power, he has also found himself a bankrupt in his own family. By the way, his son Edward is named in honor of Eduard Shevardnadze, who is his godfather - at that time the relationship between the two politicians was yet (or seemed to be) cloudless.
Returning to the offense of Saakashvili about stoning his convoy, we`d like to note that there is nothing to be offended. These methods were planted and cultivated in Georgia by him against his opponents. Even before his presidency, he participated in the beating of the Georgian politician and businessman Vakhtang Rcheulishvili at the Houses of Parliament, who, under the pretext of discussing the political issues had been lured into one of the rooms of the building of the Georgian parliament and beaten with flagpoles. And Saakashvili himself was hitting him on the head with a heavy ashtray. Around the same period, his supporters beat the governor of one of the regions of Georgia – Shevardnadze`s appointee.
Saakashvili did not leave these methods as being a president. It will not be excessively, if we once again recall the massacre of peaceful protesters, carried out by police. This summer, "the leaders of the "Georgian Dream", one of whom was Kakha Kaladze, and their supporters were stoned in the village of Karaleti, said «GHN». As said in an interview with «GHN» a spokesman of Kakha Kaladze Otar Chrdileli, they had been attacked by a 40 people team of the majoritarian MP from Liakhvi gorge Badri Basishvili. They began pelting the leaders of the "Georgian Dream" with stones, and showed particularly aggression against Kakha Kaladze. Chrdileli has noted that representatives of the patrol police did not appear in the course of the incident. "During the incident the patrol police has not appeared. As far as I know, the incident was recorded by a representative of the international organization, "- said Chrdileli in an interview with « GHN ». He pointed out that a meeting with residents of Karaleti had also been attended by other leaders of the "Georgian Dream", including Georgy Volsky, Subari, Gia Karkarashvili." This was also covered by the Georgian news agency «GHN» in the article "Kakha Kaladze and leaders of the "Georgian Dream" have been stoned," on July 12, 2012.
Amidst all these tragicomic situations that have been taking place in Georgia in recent weeks, all thoughts of the Georgian political and parapolitical community have been revolving around occupation of the territories of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Georgian officials require the withdrawal of the Russian troops from South Ossetia in order to bring there the Georgia troops and thus to complete the operation, prevented by the Russian troops in August 2008, namely - to exterminate the people of South Ossetia. In fact, as we have seen, killing the people of South Ossetia, both young and old, is the aim of those who want to squeeze out of the Republic the Russian troops. Catholicos Ilia II hopes that the Orthodox St. Nicolas the Miracle-Worker will help Georgia to exterminate the South Ossetians.
"Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II, after the solemn liturgy in the church of the Holy Trinity on the day of St. Nicholas the Miracle-Worker, delivered a sermon to the congregation, "- said « GHN»."Saint Nicholas – is a miracle worker, and not only the Christians pray to him. St. Saint Nicholas worked a lot of miracles, helping those who were in trouble,"- he said. The Patriarch appealed to the congregation to ask Nicholas to return Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which Georgia had lost for its sins"- writes News Agency« GHN» in the article "The Patriarch called on the people of Georgia to ask Nicholas to return Abkhazia and South Ossetia," on December 19, 2012.
Saint Nicholas is one of the most revered Orthodox saints. It is documented the evidence of his miraculous help to people in the most desperate situations, saving people from death, assisting them in the fight for a just cause. Ask for his help and assistance in such a vile and shameful deed as the killing of innocent people – is unheard of blasphemy and sacrilege.
Doesn`t Catholicos is afraid of anger of the Holy respected? However, if Elijah II believed in God, he would never make this statement, as well as many others.

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