Thank you for peace: Russian border guards came to the aid of South Ossetia 13 years ago

Sat, 30/04/2022 - 10:35

Russian border guards started joint border protection on April 30, 2009, when an agreement was signed between Russia and South Ossetia on joint efforts to protect the state border. Since then, Russian border guards have been guarding the borders of South Ossetia together with their South Ossetian counterparts, together protecting peace and security in the Republic.

Saturday marks 13 years since the signing of the Agreement and 13 years since the establishment of the Border Guard Service of the FSB of Russia in South Ossetia.

During this time, the border guards have gained high prestige in the Republic. A lot of work has been done to equip the border, all conditions have been created for the fulfillment of tasks within the framework of the Agreement between Russia and South Ossetia on joint efforts to protect the border. In cooperation with the Border Service of the KGB of South Ossetia, a system has been created to ensure the maintenance of the border security of the Republic at the proper level.

For South Ossetia, this day is significant. The Republic is being reborn. And if earlier hopelessness was read in the eyes of people, and the smell of war was in the air, now this is not the case. People are convinced that the war will not return to their homes, as they are under reliable protection.

Georgia's aggression against the Republic of South Ossetia in August 2008 had geopolitical, economic and other consequences. On August 26, 2008, Russia officially recognized South Ossetia as the independent state.

The system of protection of the state border is constantly being improved, the latest models of technical means are being put into operation, which make it possible to more effectively perform the operational and service tasks, new forms and methods of protecting the state border are being introduced.

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