The high-tech genocide

Wed, 30/03/2022 - 11:50

Now the world is restless. We have no peace in our hearts. It would seem, why should our loved ones leave somewhere, fight with someone, and most importantly - for what? We all want this to be over as soon as possible and everything to be the way it was before.

Behind the great multitude of opinions, statements, cries, hysterics and pain from different sides, there is a threat of destruction of entire nations, just like 80 years ago. The only difference is that the technologies for the destruction of the "objectionable" have stepped far ahead.

Now it is not necessary to choke the “second-class people” in gas chambers, burn them in furnaces, shoot them massively in the new “Babyi Yar” or on the Zar road. A genetic weapon has appeared that affects specific nationalities. According to the idea of ​​its creators, in order to destroy any nation, in their opinion, who do not deserve the right to life, it is enough to release a specially developed virus from the test tube, from which representatives of a particular “undesirable” ethnic group will die out. Without any bombings and concentration camps, if one of the most humane representatives of the world community is strongly opposed. It will be explained to everyone that once again someone did not roast a bat well before eating it, or migratory birds, under the influence of climate, spread something new, unexplored and not treatable in certain cases.

There is an active controversy around the US military biolaboratories in the world. There are tons of documents, arguments and hypotheses presented. The main question is why is the United States developing genetic weapons? The main thing is that this type of weapon can be used against all states, except for the United States itself. From the point of view of genetics, there are several hundred peoples and nationalities in the world, but there are no "Americans" among them. Physically, no, from the word "absolutely". The population of the United States is a mixture of dozens of genetic codes of immigrants who have mastered the territory of this country over the past three hundred years. That is why it is impossible to decipher the set of genes of the American nation. Accordingly, - to create a genetic weapon to defeat it.

The leadership of states, placing bio laboratories on their territory, is delusional, believing that the diseases grown in them do not pose a danger to their own population. In the cases of Ukraine and Georgia, it is clear that their leaders were captured by the ideas of national superiority, which made them forget about the centuries-old fraternal relations with the Russians, Ossetians and Abkhazians, respectively.

The genocide of the Ossetian people, another attempt of which we witnessed in 2008, was being covertly and openly propagated for 30 years by the US-oriented structures in Georgia, from political parties to NGOs, the state and “independent” media. Its seeds, like bio laboratories, were planted by American advisers. Destructive and murderous ideas of racial superiority and hatred between nations are again raising their heads on the lands of the once united Great Country thanks to the efforts of the United States and other "our Western partners." Once again, the enemies manage to make peoples who are genetically and spiritually close, to hate and kill each other.

Our soldiers are now fighting not with the people of Ukraine or some other people. They, like 80 years ago, are fighting for peace in our homes and the right to life for all of us. Unfortunately, we have to admit that if we do not stop this infernal plan now there, we will soon have to fight in our cities and villages. So let faith in the justice of our struggle always remain unshakable, and our soldiers return home with victory as soon as possible.

Analytical department of IA "Res"
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