The West is interested in maintaining a hotbed of tension in Ukraine

Mon, 17/01/2022 - 09:35
На снимке: руины здания в Донецке

Recently, high-ranking officials of the United States of America and, in fact, as we see, of the EU countries subordinate to them, have been actively making statements in which some accuse Russia of attacking Ukraine, while others accusing Russia of preparing for such attack. They do not care what exactly to accuse Russia of, but it is important only to maintain the status quo of the situation in this former Soviet republic. Namely, to keep the war, to keep the incessant shelling of cities and villages of Donbass, which lead to the death of the civilian population, and as a result of which more than 15 thousand people died according to official sources, and more and more often it is children.

The same situation was in South Ossetia, which for four years, from 2004 to August 2008, was subjected to artillery shelling, as a result of which civilians were killed. This bloody rampage by the maniacal Tbilisi authorities ended with Georgia's full-scale military aggression against South Ossetia in August 2008. In general, it should be noted that wherever color revolutions took place according to American patterns, war immediately began. And only Russia's military intervention put an end to the genocide of the Ossetian people unleashed by Georgia not just with the connivance, but with the most active support of the West.

A similar thing is happening now in Ukraine. There are similarities with the situation in South Ossetia even in individual episodes. Georgia accused the South Ossetian security forces of initiating the exchange of fire. However, it “forgot” that the South Ossetian power structures consisted of residents of the area, and by initiating an exchange of fire they would actually provoke shooting at their own houses. And from the Georgian side, there were military units deployed from various regions of Georgia, whose homes and families were far away, and who had no need to be the first to open fire. And the European military monitoring officers of the OSCE Mission to Georgia claimed that they were unable to establish who started the shooting. It was only later, after the end of the war, that some of them told the truth to journalists, admitting that Georgia started the war.

We see the same in Ukraine. The Ukrainian side accuses the republics of being the first to open fire from the power structures in order to provoke the fire of the Ukrainian side on the homes of civilians. The OSCE observers, who are also presenting there, “cannot” identify the initiator of the shooting for the eighth year already. In the meantime, houses are being destroyed, people are dying. The West knows that Russian intervention could stop this shooting range-like extermination with impunity, but it prevents this, wanting as many people to be killed as more as possible. After all, the West knows that these people have a warm attitude towards Russia, love it, and even want to weaken Russia in such ways.

In South Ossetia, a full-scale military aggression was preceded by a massive agitation and propaganda campaign accusing Russia of military aggression against Georgia, although there was not a single Russian soldier on the territory of Georgia, with the exception of peacekeepers with international legitimacy.

The current campaign on similar accusations against Russia in the Ukrainian direction raises fears that they are also trying to cover up preparations for a full-scale military aggression against the people's republics.

The United States and NATO countries regularly make statements that Ukraine and Georgia will not yet be accepted into NATO. Formally, this is so, however, even without legal acceptance, these countries are already considered by the United States as its unspoken members, with all the ensuing consequences.

Both Ukraine and Georgia are ready to immediately comply with any US military order, even if without any formal obligations within NATO. And the Americans need formal non-membership in order to avoid irritation of those European countries that are against the membership of these two republics in the North Atlantic organization.

The United States and NATO countries are interested in maintaining a bleeding hotbed of tension on the territory of Ukraine, on the border with Russia. They support both the Ukrainian armed forces and volunteer formations that commit crimes against the civilian population of Donbass.

Meanwhile, Donbass considers itself Russian. He proved this with numerous victims, including from the civilian population. There is still no official data on the total number of those who died during the confrontation with Bandera's Kiev. Nevertheless, the inhabitants of Donbass have already paid a huge price for the right to be considered Russian.

Russia stands for the strict implementation of the Minsk agreements in order to end the military confrontation. At the same time, Russia warns the West and Ukraine against attempts to resolve the issue by military means.

The participation of the Western instructors in the conflict in the Donbass will be the crossing of "red lines" and mean a direct clash between the Russian people and the NATO military, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“The West, when we draw attention to this, always tells us that these are instructors, they do not participate in hostilities. I remember very well the television picture during the war in Georgia in August 2008, when instructors in the form of officers of the American army – whites and African Americans - instructed practically how to load anti-tank and other weapons. I don’t want this to happen again in Ukraine. Because it will be the crossing of all possible red lines. It will be a direct clash of Russian citizens of Ukraine and the NATO military," he said at the press conferences at the end of the year.

Authorship: analytical department of IA "Res"
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