Athletes from South Ossetia will go to the United States for training in the famous American Kickboxing Academy

Tue, 19/02/2013 - 18:18

A team of four Ossetian athletes will travel to the U.S. for martial arts training in the world famous American Kickboxing Academy in San-Jose (California). As a trainer-manager of the sportsmen Ruslan Dzhabiev said IA "Res", "during the conversation with the owner of the Academy Javier Mendez, he asked me to send to America several promising Ossetian athletes to be trained at his club. - As a result of their level of technical, tactical and physical training will be considered their possible participation in the debut matches in the United States by the UFC rules (Ultimate Fighting Championship."

According to the trainer, for a trip to the United States were selected Marat Bagaev (weight class up to 93 kg), Ibrahim Tibilov (weight class up to 77 kg), Vyacheslav Gagiev (weight class up to 65 kg), and Marat Ilaev (weight class up to 71 kg ).
"By 20 March will be resolved the visa issues and then we will determine the date of their trip to America. For two months they will be trained by the Academy coaches. Then, by evaluating their training level, will be considered the admission of the athletes to hold their debut fights by the UFC rules."
Marat Bagaev – is the pankration champion of the world 2012 , Ibrahim Tibilov – the full contact fighting World Champion 2012, Vyacheslav Gagiev – a combat sambo silver medalist of the 2012 world championship, Marat Ilaev – a full contact fighting champion of Eurasia. Earlier, representing South Ossetia, the athletes have often achieved success in different tournaments.
Currently Bagaev, Tibilov, Ilaev and Gagiev live and train in North Ossetia.

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