Athlete from Ossetia won the first place at the MMA international tournament

Sun, 03/03/2013 - 19:03

The 2012 World Championship silver medalist in mixed martial arts Sarmat Khodov won the mixed martial arts international tournament, held in the Pskov region of Russia.

As IA "Res" was informed by a coach of the fighter Ruslan Dzhabiev, Khodov had been performing in the weight category up to 71 kilograms. In a battle for the first place, he defeated his rival for 20 seconds applying a strangulation technique. And in two out of the three previous battles for the final, he had also won an early victory - one of them also by applying the above technique, and in the other he knocked his opponent out, "- said Dzhabiev.
According to the coach, by achieving a victory at the tournament, Khodov paved the way to the upcoming mixed martial arts European Championship in Italy.
It should be noted that at the "MMA full contact" mixed martial arts World Cup, held in Paris in autumn 2012, Sarmat Khodov won the silver medal in the weight category up to 71 kg.
Currently the fighter trains at the mixed martial arts club "Star" in the settlement of October, Prigorodny district of North Ossetia under the direction of a prominent mixed martial arts trainer of North Ossetia-Alania Ruslan Dzhabiev.
The event was held in the village of Pechky, Pechersky district of Pskov, Russia.

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