South Ossetia is concerned about another Georgian police post near its border

Tue, 19/03/2013 - 09:49

During the today's meeting of Mechanisms on Prevention and Respond to Incidents (MPRI), the South Ossetian delegation expressed concern about placing of ( February 25, 2013) another post of the Georgian law enforcement agencies in the area adjacent to the border with South Ossetia (in the village of Zemo Nikozi).

This has been said the journalists by Deputy Presidential Envoy to South Ossetia on post-conflict settlement Khokh Gagloyty after the MPRI regular meeting, held at the border of South Ossetia in the Georgian village of Ergneti.
According to Gagloyty, the South Ossetian side ranks this fact on a par with placing a police post in the village of Zardiantkari and with the incident taken place in the area of ​​Koda.
"At the meeting we expressed our concern caused by these facts," - said Gagloyty.
He has noted that at the meeting was also raised the issue of amnesty for the citizens of Georgia and South Ossetia, kept in Georgian prisons.
"We were told that the juridical part of the amnesty law in Georgia has already been completed, but technically, the release of prisoners continues. Therefore we are not able to have the findings of the amnesty, "emphasized Deputy Presidential Envoy.
He has added that the South Ossetian side expressed concern about the received information on the South Ossetian citizens kept in Georgian prisons.
"We have repeatedly received information that some people visited our citizens in prisons of Georgia and offered them to adopt the Georgian citizenship. We, in turn, have brought to the participants the information and appealed to them to attend to this matter "- told Gagloyty.
He has added that at the meeting were also discussed security issues, the incidents taken place at the state border since the previous meeting of the MPRI participants.
"The meeting noted with satisfaction the fact of reducing the incidence of fire and explosion in the border areas," - said Gagloyty.
It should be reminded that the MPRI meetings are attended by representatives of South Ossetia, Russia, Georgia, the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia and the OSCE.

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