Leonid Tibilov: Revival of industry is the key to economic growth of South Ossetia

Thu, 25/07/2013 - 12:13

The development of the economy of South Ossetia is not possible without the revival of industry. This was stated by the President of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov at a press conference in Tskhinval.

According to him, the leadership of the Republic plans to restore a number of enterprises.
"In Soviet times in South Ossetia were functioning more than 27 industrial enterprises, supplying many regions of the USSR with raw materials. Today, these enterprises will not be able to function in full force, but they are being restructured for different functions. We already produce some kinds of construction materials used in beautification the town streets, "- said the president.
He has also noted that in the near future it is planned to open a garment factory in Tskhinval.
"A great contribution to this cause has made an outstanding Ossetian businessman Teimuraz Boloev. This enterprise will employ several hundred people, and there are plans to start the same production in the districts of the Republic."- said Tibilov.
He has added that over time the government plans to introduce new production capacity, but today`s priority is - to complete the construction of the facilities.
The President has noted that, South Ossetia is rich in mineral springs.
"We need to do research to decide what we are able to manufacture. The Republic is rich in mineral springs and we are currently developing this industry, "- said the president.
Speaking about the training of experts for the development of industry, the President has noted that at the multi-sectoral college in Tskhinval everyone can acquire various professions - builder, mechanic, electrician.
During the press conference, the President also touched on the issue of housing shortage in the Republic. He has noted that there are more than three thousand citizens in the lists of those in need to improve their housing conditions.
"Citizens in these lists are divided into categories - affected by the Georgian aggression in 1989 - 1992, 2004 and 2008 and by an earthquake in 1991. But, first of, those who have lost their homes as a result of the 2008 war, should be provided housing, "- said the head of state.

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