Looking back in 2008. August 4


The war in August 2008. On the eve of invasion ...

On the night of 3 August 4, 2008 the law enforcement authorities of South Ossetia continued to monitor the concentration of the Georgian armed forces. Throughout the night their posts were being fired by snipers. The situation in the Republic remained extremely tense.

Georgian armed forces fired upon a funeral procession in the village of Mugut in Znaur district, where was the burial of the employee of the law enforcement agency of South Ossetia Anatoly Kabisov, killed during the shelling of the South Ossetian Interior Ministry post in the village of Velit on the night of August 2. The deceased would have to be buried in the yard of his house.
Foreign Minister of Transnistria made another statement. The authorities of the Republic expressed their willingness to provide all necessary assistance to the brotherly people of Ossetia.
"Georgia, heading for escalation of the conflict, once again demonstrated that the civilized methods of solving problems are only the rhetoric of the Georgian leadership, dictated by the desire to mislead the international community. Georgia's actions, in fact, are nothing but a carefully planned genocide of the Ossetian people,"- ran the statement. The KGB of South Ossetia declared that Georgian special services were going to carry out a series of terrorist actions in the public places in Tskhinval to destabilize the situation and escalate tensions in the conflict zone.
By this time, not only the North Caucasus, but also the Union of Cossack troops of Russia and abroad responded to the miseries of South Ossetia. At the first summons they expressed their willingness to assist in the defence of national interests of South Ossetia.
August 4, President Eduard Kokoity met with the staff of the OSCE Office in Tskhinval. At the meeting it was stated that South Ossetia intended to repulse the aggressor.
He also expressed his willingness to continue the negotiations, but only in the JCC format, and said that the Georgian side's attempts to change the format were regarded as an attempt to break the negotiation process and were doomed to failure.
On the same day in Tskhinval were buried two more victims of the Georgian aggression - Vyacheslav Dudaev and Anatoly Kabisov, killed during the shelling of Tskhinval on the night of August 2. Relatives of Vyacheslav Dudaev, who was a native of the village Dmenis, could not come to the funeral in Tskhinval, because the illegal Georgian police posts in the village of Eredvi had blocked the roads.
The threat of conducting a large-scale military operation against South Ossetia by Georgia became more real, the countries were on the brink of war.

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