Looking back in 2008. August 5


The war in August 2008. On the eve of invasion ...

By August 5, 2008 the aggravation of the situation in the zone of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict was not reduced, that night the Georgian side shelled twice the positions of law enforcement bodies of the Republic. Fortunately, there were no victims. The South Ossetian side still refrained from returning the fire, hoping that the talks could be resumed and the war could be avoided. In the zone of conflict had been serving the OSCE observer mission, the tripartite peacekeeping forces. People were still hoping that these organizations would ensure the parties to sit down to talks and declare a cease-fire.

On the same day the Georgian side fired at civilians in the north-eastern outskirts of Tskhinval, as well as the medical persons of the Republican somatic hospital.
August 5 in Tskhinval was buried a 38-year-old police officer Garik Bestaev, who became the next victim of the Georgian fascism. August 1 his life had been snuffed out by the Georgian sniper`s bullet in the village of Pris.
On this day, the Georgian side announced a preliminary agreement on a meeting between the Deputy Prime Minister of South Ossetia, the Co-chairman of the South Ossetian side of the Joint Control Commission Boris Chochiev and the State Minister of Georgia for Reintegration Temur Yacobashvili. However, the authorities of the Republic denied this information, saying that the South Ossetian side supported the continuation of the negotiation process, but only in the existing quadripartite JCC format.
People, as well as various community and youth organizations willing to provide assistance and support, continued to apply to the leadership and people of South Ossetia.
"We are supporting your aspiration to independence, to ensure the peaceful labor of the Ossetian people. The Russian Cossacks are ready, if necessary, to provide support to you,"- ran a telegram of the Irkutsk Cossacks` ataman, the Cossack General Nicholai Shakhov.
Central Executive Committee of the International Union of the Soviet officers appealed to the leadership of Georgia to stop the escalation of the war and withdraw Georgian troops from the borders of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, "We express our solidarity with the peoples of South Ossetia and Abkhazia in their just struggle for statehood, freedom and independence."
The volunteers and veterans of the Patriotic War of Abkhazia were also ready to rise in defence of the brotherly people of South Ossetia, in case of the war unleashed by Georgia.
In turn, President Eduard Kokoity appealed to the Ossetian diaspora to stop the collection of money in support of South Ossetia, which, according to him, was held on the initiative of people interested in their own enrichment.
"I am very grateful to the people who sincerely want to help our country, but some dishonest individuals can use it in their own interests, as it has already happened in 1989 - 1992. It` not necessary to collect money, the Republic can provide itself with finances, "- said the president.
On the same day, Eduard Kokoity met with the residents of Tskhinval, troubled over aggravation of the situation, and for more than two months, suffering from a water blockade. During the meeting the president announced the decision of the government to block the irrigation canals supplying Georgia with water. Such a measure was a response to the actions of the Georgian side, which had established a water blockade of the South Ossetian capital.
"We do not intend to go on playing the noble games, when the Ossetian people are suffering," - said Eduard Kokoity.
By the time the evacuation of children from the Republic was almost completed - from South Ossetia were evacuated about 1,100 children and their parents. Hoping for a peaceful settlement, many of the residents did not leave their homes, hiding from shelling in the basements.

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