South Ossetian deputies approved sectoral programs for the development of the Republic

Fri, 16/08/2013 - 09:42

Bills on the Strategy for socio-economic development of South Ossetia to 2030 and the program of socio-economic development of the Republic to 2017 have been passed today at a meeting of the parliamentary session of the RSO, chaired by the Speaker Stanislav Kochiev.

The bills were introduced before the Parliament by the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Economy, Small Business and Agriculture Georgy Sanakoev.
According to him, the bills have carefully been studied by the Committee.
Minister for Economic Development of the Republic Zalina Khugati has stressed that the program for socio-economic development of South Ossetia to 2017 contains a balanced, general view of the medium term economic development.
"The program has included the activities that need to be implemented until 2017 in order to reach a certain economic achievement," - said the Minister.
After the discussion, members of parliament approved the submitted bills.
Then the deputies were introduced the programs for the development of various sectors of the Republic to 2017.
The draft development program for education and science of South Ossetia was introduced by the Vice-Speaker of the Parliament Mira Tskhovrebova.
"The program, first of all, contains a common characteristic of the implementation of the state program for the development of education and science, public policy priorities in education to 2017, the generalized characteristic of the state regulation" - said Tskhovrebova.
After the discussion, the program was approved by the deputies. Members of Parliament also approved the sectoral programs for cultural development, health, electricity and gas, agriculture, industry, transport and energy.

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