A delegation of the Russian Ministry of Labor arrived in South Ossetia

Tue, 17/09/2013 - 21:08

A delegation of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Russia has arrived in South Ossetia on a working visit. In the capital of the Republic the guests were received by the Minister of Health and Social Development of South Ossetia Gregory Kulidzhanov. The visit and the meeting are held as part of the action plan " to develop a system of labor protection and drafting of legal acts in the field of occupational safety and health conditions in the Republic of South Ossetia," signed by the RSO Ministry of Health and Social Development and the RF Ministry of Labor May 6, 2013.

In the course of the meeting held under the chairmanship of the State Adviser to the President of the RSO for social issues Rodion Siukaev, were discussed the issues related to the monitoring of working conditions in South Ossetia.
"Since the beginning of the year with the South Ossetian side are held quite dynamic consultations in the field of occupational safety. According to the joint action plan, we have consistently and rapidly advanced in solving the problems in this area. The task facing both the Russian and the South Ossetian sides is -to preserve the human life and health, which is the highest value of any state in the conservation of human capital. We provide all methodological and methodical assistance in completing the regulatory framework, and training specialists in the field of health and safety at the enterprises," - said during the meeting, the Director of the Department of occupational safety and health of the Labor Ministry Valery Korzh.
By the end of this year will be to considered specific actions to improve working conditions in South Ossetia.
"In order to take comprehensive measures it`s necessary to understand the situation with the state of working conditions. Until October, we will analyze the history of monitoring and by the end of the year will come to a set of measures to improve working conditions ", - added Korzh.
The sides have noted that the steps are taken to establish the South Ossetian state labor inspectorate.
"We need to establish the department of health and safety at the Health Ministry of the Republic and the State Labour Inspectorate of the government of South Ossetia. The draft resolution on the state labor inspectorate is ready and is being considered by the Prime Minister of the Republic. The draft law "On the basis of labor" is submitted to the Ministry of Justice. Moreover, in North Ossetia- Alania four South Ossetian citizens received certificates of experts in the field of labor. Education of specialists in the field of labor will continue ", - said the head of the State Labour Inspectorate in North Ossetia Zaurbek Dzutsev.
During the meeting, the deputy of the Parliament of South Ossetia Vadim Tskhovrebov emphasized the need for production development in the country.
"Without the creation of new jobs it is impossible to employ the population of our state. Our plants and factories for 20 years have not been functioning. Loss-making enterprises should be revived to provide new jobs," - said Tskhovrebov.
It should be noted that this is the third working meeting within the framework of the action plan in the field of labor.

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