Georgian protest actions at the state border of South Ossetia may be prejudicial to security in the region

Tue, 25/03/2014 - 11:12

Protests actions arranged by the authorities of Georgia near the border with South Ossetia, may lead to destabilization, said after the meeting of the mechanisms for preventing and responding to incidents (MPRI) Deputy Presidential Envoy of the RSO for post-conflict settlement Khokh Gagloyty.
According to him, his position on this issue the South Ossetian side has brought to the other participants, including the European observers.

"We consider such actions as provocative and destructive," - said Gagloyty.
He has reminded about the protest action organized on March 3 at the state border of South Ossetia near the Georgian village of Atotsi.
Several hundred people participated in the action, using strong language.
According to Gagloyty, "at a certain development such actions could have been prejudicial to the stability and security in the region.
"We noted that we expect from the EU observers in Georgia objective assessment of such actions of the Georgian side. They expressed their opinion – they did not consider such actions productive," - said the envoy.
Touching on other issues discussed at the meeting in the framework of MPRI, he has noted that the head of the EUMM drew attention to the upcoming spring field works and asked "our indulgent attitude to such cases.
"We have reminded that along the state border line of South Ossetia are erected barriers or the signs indicating the border line. Any intrusion into the territory of the Republic will be considered by relevant services as a conscious violation of the current legislation,"- said Gagloyty.
He also drew attention to the facts of false information in the Georgian media, pointing to a number of specific cases.

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