South Ossetian President received the delegation of the Russian State Duma

Sat, 21/02/2015 - 18:18

South Ossetian President Leonid Tibilov has received a delegation of the State Duma of Russia, headed by the Chairman of the Defense Committee, the deputy of the Communist party faction Vladimir Komoyedov.
At the beginning of the meeting the head of state has welcomed the guests, emphasizing that South Ossetia is grateful to Russia for constant assistance to people of the Republic.
"Russia has always been with us- in 2008, as well as in previous difficult years. Since 2008, thanks to our ally - the Russian Federation, people of South Ossetia live in a free and recognized country, "- said the head of state.
Leonid Tibilov has added that the path, chosen by the people, is the maximum rapprochement with Russia has always been leading for the Republic.
"We are proud of our relationship and we are grateful to our strategic partners for support. 2014 proved to be a turning point in South Ossetia in matters of recovery. It has become the most successful. All financial aid allocated by Russia, was used exactly as prescribed, "- said the head of state.
He has noted that South Ossetia follows the principles laid down in the intergovernmental agreements between South Ossetia and Russia.
"Great work has been done on the new treaty between South Ossetia and the Russian Federation, approved by the two parties. It has already been submitted to the Government of the Russian Federation. Apart from the fact that the agreement significantly enhances the security of South Ossetia, it also provides free crossing of the South Ossetian-Russian border, the details of which will be reflected in a separate agreement. Recently has been signed the boundary treaty between the two states, which also suggests that South Ossetia is a sovereign state with its allies and partners, "- said the head of state.
In turn, Vladimir Komoedov has also stressed that South Ossetia is an ally and brotherly country for Russia.
"It`s my first visit to South Ossetia - a wonderful country, with beautiful and unique nature and good people, who have gone through great trials and sorrow. They showed heroism and patriotism during the Great Patriotic War, as well as defending their homeland, "- said the deputy of the State Duma.
Vladimir Komoedov has assured Leonid Tibilov that the treaties scheduled for the signing between the two countries, will be ratified by the State Duma.
"Russian people have always been united round their president, both in the year of recognition of the independence of the Republic of South Ossetia, and in subsequent years; only in this unity, our country becomes strong in the face of real hardship, "- said the MP.
The meeting was also attended by the head of the presidential administration of South Ossetia Boris Chochiev, South Ossetian Security Council Secretary Anatoly Pliev, ex-Chairman of the Communist Party of South Ossetia Stanislav Kochiev, the deputy of the Communist party faction of the State Duma Kazbek Taisaev, a member of the Communist Party and the State Duma Defense Committee Alexander Tarnaev and other members of the delegation.

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