Questions of organization of the commemorative events dedicated to the 7th anniversary of the August war, were discussed at the meeting with the President of South Ossetia

Tue, 04/08/2015 - 09:34

South Ossetian President Leonid Tibilov held a meeting with the heads of ministries and departments, heads of city and district administrations.
At the beginning of the meeting were discussed questions of organization of mourning events dedicated to the 7th anniversary of the August 2008.

"This year will be seven years since another armed attack of Georgia against our Republic, our people - the president said. - We have no right to forget those days, and we will never forget them. We will remember those who laid down their lives for today. "

The State Adviser to the President, the Chairman of the Committee for preparation and holding of socially significant events Zhanna Zasseeva presented the plan of commemoration of the 7th anniversary of the war in August 2008.

According to her, the ceremonies will begin August 7 in the building of the Russian peacekeepers battalion and will end with the action "Fires in the towers."
"On the Theater Square of Tskhinval will start the actions "We remember everything, " " On the way of memory "," - said Zasseeva.

She has noted that in the ceremonies will also take part mothers of the Russian soldiers killed during the war in August 2008.

In the course of the meeting, the heads of agencies and ministries reported to the President about their activities.

According to the Interior Ministry Akhsar Lavoev, the situation for two weeks in the Republic was calm.

"During this period there was not a single crime - said Lavoev. - Registered 11 incidents of a different nature.

Leonid Tibilov instructed the head of the Interior Ministry to intensify efforts to solve these crimes.

Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy of South Ossetia for post-conflict settlement Murat Dzhioev reported to the President about the work done by his Office.

"This month, there were two meetings in the framework of the IPRM, the first of which was initiated by us in connection with the incidents at the state border - said Dzhioev. - In the course of this meeting international representatives have noted that there were no any violations of the border line by South Ossetian side. One of the highlights of these actions staged by Georgia was the arrival of the Chairman of the European Council, Donald Tusk. After visiting the border line, he has commented nothing, as he saw himself that there were no any violations. "

Emergencies Minister Sergei Sanakoev said that the situation in the Republic was stable.

"The only thing is that due to weather conditions increased the number of fires - said Sanakoev. - Last week the fire brigade 31 times went on the location of the fire. "

The meeting also raised the issue of the proper use of the national flag. According to the president, the attitude to the state symbols should be careful.

The participants of the meeting decided to prohibit individual entrepreneurs from using the coloring of the flag for commercial purposes.

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