Members of the CEC of the Russian Federation, observing the elections in South Ossetia, have noted the high voter turnout

Sun, 09/04/2017 - 21:39

A member of the CEC, Siyabshah Shapiyev, observing the presidential elections and the referendum in South Ossetia, have noted the high voter turnout at the polling stations.
"Our group visited more than 20 polling stations, and we witnessed that all of them were opened in time," Shapiyev said. - During the voting, there was an active voter turnout. We have not seen any violations during the voting ".
The observer has noted that the CEC representatives have the best impressions of the electoral process in the Republic.
"In general, we had the best impression of voters' activity, compliance with the legislation in organization of the election process. The Central Election Committee is well prepared for the election campaign," said Shapiyev. "We have the impression that the residents, the voters of South Ossetia, are prepared for the elections, and that the election is a kind of holiday for them."

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