South Ossetia is building its state without regard to Georgia’s "friends", - Foreign Minister

Wed, 29/05/2019 - 18:20

There can be no talk of any form of reunification of South Ossetia with Georgia, said Foreign Minister of South Ossetia Dmitry Medoev.

“There can never be any form of “reunification”. The train left a long time ago, already in 1989, and Georgia still continues to stand on that volume of the station ... South Ossetia is building its state without regard to Georgia, we are not interested in the opinion of its "friends",” Medoev said in an interview with European news agency, which is published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"You see, today's so-called" Georgian state "is not able to take care even of its own people, not to mention the Abkhaz or Ossetian people ... South Ossetia and Abkhazia have been freed from this" care "for 30 years now and all this time decide their own destiny, their future, and do not need handouts from Georgia, ”the Foreign Minister of South Ossetia commented on the words of Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili, who earlier said that the Abkhaz language“ is on the verge of extinction, despite the concern of the Georgian state. "

The Minister has noted that the confrontation with Georgia in 1989 began precisely because the Ossetians and Abkhazians were forbidden to speak their native language and have more than two children.

“" Georgia is for Georgians! " - This was the main slogan of the Georgian neo-fascists. We remember that,” said Medoev.

The Foreign Minister has also added in an interview about the “care.” “For more than two decades, Georgia has been received impressive funds from donor countries, which are spent mainly on the army’s armaments, the maintenance of the government, law enforcement agencies, the purchase of new weapons, etc. So, in these tranches also considerable funds are provided for the so-called. "Regions of Georgia" - Abkhazia and South Ossetia, about the same way as in the budget of Ukraine annually funds are allocated to Lugansk and Donetsk regions. It is clear that the Abkhazians with Ossetians never have never seen them, as well as the residents of Donbass for five years. The question arises: where is the money of European taxpayers? They definitely went to war, or, at best, into someone's pockets ... And everyone is silent, apparently satisfied ... ".

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