Parliamentarians of South Ossetia are concerned about the illegal actions of the Georgian security forces

Thu, 29/08/2019 - 13:11

Atsamaz Bibilov, head of the South Ossetian Parliament’s Defense and Security Committee, called the actions of the Georgian police in the village of Uista (formerly Tsnelis) South Ossetia an open provocation aimed at escalating tensions in Transcaucasian region.

Atsamaz Bibilov visited the outskirts of the village of Uista, where the Georgian side is illegally building a roadblock, and on the spot got acquainted with the situation.

“I have visited today near the border where the Georgian police is erecting a roadblock, thereby flagrantly violating the state border of our Republic. They are also equipping dugouts where they can hide from shelling. Such provocative actions by the Georgian side are alarming and point to a targeted exacerbation of a difficult situation between our republics, "said the head of the Committee.

According to Bibilov, the Georgian side on the eve of the next meeting of the IPRM (Mechanisms for the prevention and response to incidents. - Ed.), is openly demonstrating the unwillingness to resolve the disputable issues by peaceful means.

"On Thursday a meeting of the IPRM will take place, where South Ossetian diplomats will raise this issue. For our part, we urge the EU mission of international observers to pay attention to the aggressive actions of the Georgian side and facilitate the withdrawal of the Georgian Interior Ministry units from the territory near the village of Uista. Otherwise, South Ossetia reserves the right to use all available opportunities to protect its territorial integrity," the parliamentarian stressed.

According to the deputy, the parliamentarians support the adoption of tough retaliatory measures that will stop the illegal actions of the Georgian security forces.

Bibilov has assured that the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Security is closely monitoring the situation and at the first session, after the end of the parliamentary holidays, it will raise this issue.

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