In South Ossetia, during a day the coronavirus was confirmed in 5 more residents

Sun, 10/05/2020 - 11:30

As of the morning of May 10, in South Ossetia, the diagnosis of COVID-19 was confirmed in 22 people (the day before -17), Anna Gagloeva, Deputy chief sanitary officer of the Republic, told IA "Res ".

"They are all isolated in the isolation ward, their condition is stable," Gagloeva said.

According to her, 14 of them are cadets of the Russian universities, 7 citizens who had arrived earlier through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from North Ossetia and one servicemanr.

" 267 people are in quarantine in medical institutions and the hotel" Alan». In medical institutions - 193 people, 31 - in the hotel "Alan" Another 43 people are isolated at home, "said Anna Gagloeva.

South Ossetian Consumer Supervision Committee in its laboratory conducted 48 tests for coronavirus. “five - showed a positive result, all the rest are negative,” Gagloeva said.

In total, currently 345 tests have been carried out. On Sunday, South Ossetian Consumer Supervision Committee will continue testing citizens for the detection of a new coronavirus infection.

President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov signed a decree declaring non-working days until May 28, inclusive, with salary remaining due to the situation with COVID-19.

Earlier, the government of South Ossetia extended the restrictive measures until May 31 inclusive.

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