A schoolgirl from South Ossetia has become a laureate of the international competition "I Remember! I'm Proud!"

Mon, 11/05/2020 - 17:36

Olga Kulumbegova, a pupil of the 8th " b "class of Tskhinval school No. 6, became a laureate of the III International Reader Contest "I Remember! I'm Proud!" organized by the Coordinating Council of Russian compatriots' organizations in Jordan, a teacher Inessa Bessaeva told IA «Res".

According to her, the competition was timed to coincide with the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, more than two thousand readers from all over the world (from 40 countries of the world and 25 cities of the Russian Federation) took part in it, who recorded videos with poems about the Great Patriotic War, the sieged Leningrad, after which the recordings of the children's performances were posted in the group of organizers on the Facebook social network.

"I invited my pupils to take part in this competition. They immediately responded and recorded videos. I selected 4 of them. These were performances of students of grades 5 and 8," the teacher emphasized. "Other schools also took part in the competition from South Ossetia."

Besaeva has noted that in this jubilee year, in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory, the organizers decided to determine the 75 best readers of the Russian Federation and the CIS and 75 best readers from the Far Abroad.

“My schoolgirl Olya Kulumbegova first wrote her poem about the war “The war came so unexpectedly”, presenting it to the competition, that is, it was an author's work performed by the author. And then I see that she is among the winners! Well done, Olya! I wish her creative success in her endeavors! The whole school is proud of her! She brought glory to South Ossetia and our No. 6 school! ", said the teacher.

She has added that her other pupils - Elizaveta Pekhtereva, Marina Besaeva and Anastasia Glushchenko were awarded diplomas of participants. Competitors from other Tskhinval schools also received diplomas.

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