A short film about the Ossetian genocide (1918-1920) by a journalist Olga Tskhovrebova

Sat, 07/11/2020 - 12:47

In 1920, South Ossetia was shedding blood tears. Menshevik Georgia was destroying the population of South Ossetia. Representatives of Georgia now present what was happening then as a class struggle between the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks. However, the facts speak for themselves. People were killed, guided not by their political views, but exclusively by their nationality.

In 1918-1920. at the hands of Georgian nationalists - sometimes in terrible and sophisticated tortures - thousands of Ossetians were killed, including defenseless, unarmed people among them. During that genocide, more than 1000 Ossetian women and more than 1500 children were killed.

Many tried to flee to North Ossetia. Few people succeeded: the road was long and very difficult. Most died along the way. In addition to hunger, diseases such as typhoid and cholera were rampant. Refugees often had to leave the most precious thing they had on the way - children, more often newborns ... in order to save at least the rest ...

Видеоролик размещен на ютуб-канале Ольги Цховребовой