This cannot be forgotten: the eyewitness about the Zar tragedy

Thu, 20/05/2021 - 18:40

The cars with the bodies of the dead left behind a dense scarlet line of blood. This is how the Zar tragedy was remembered by the eyewitness Gennady Khubaev. On that black May day, the last car following the convoy managed to get away from the fascists, and they informed people in the city about the atrocious crime. Gennady also learned about the incident.

As the eyewitness told the correspondent of the IA "Res", he and his friends had immediately ran towards the hospital.

“We have already found many people there, but the worst picture was the cars with corpses, which left a long trail of blood behind. When we saw the bodies, it took a while to recover from what we had seen. It was hard to believe that children, old people and women were so brutally killed. This cannot be forgotten,” said Gennady.

Khubaev, with friends and other men who were near the hospital, began to unload the bodies from the cars. As noted by Gennady, it was impossible to look at this picture calmly, every time a lump came up to the throat. And as he noticed, such emotions were not only with him. Many acted by wiping away their tears.

“The victims were shot many times. This was evident from the bodies; they were severely mutilated. I dare not even think about the state of the relatives who found their loved ones among the corpses,” he said.

The bodies were carefully laid on the asphalt next to the morgue building. When Khubaev once again got into the car to lower the body, his eyes froze with horror, the body of his friend's sister lay in front of him, and his friend stood outside, and did not even suspect that she was among the corpses. As Gennady is recalling, he was numb for a moment, he did not know what to do, looking at his friend, who stood calmly, not suspecting anything.

“It turned out that my friend did not even know that his sister got into that ill-fated car. It was a blow for him. When he saw his sister's body, he quietly sat down on the ground and sobbed,” Gennady recalled.

Gradually, more people gathered in front of the hospital. Some of them were looking for their relatives among the dead, others - to sympathize, to support those who lost their loved ones.

“It seems to me that at that time people could be heard crying hundreds of kilometers away. After waiting until the evening, bloodied from the bodies of the dead, being in the deepest shock from what we had seen, we went home to prepare for the funeral of a friend's sister,” said the eyewitness.

According to Gennady, this day has become a black mark for Georgia - they have committed another atrocious crime.

“I do not understand how the Georgian fascists, having so coolly killed children, women, old people, came to their families, to their children. These are monsters; they cannot even be called beasts. Because even beasts don't do that,” Khubzes said.

In his opinion, such a crime does not go unpunished, and sooner or later everyone who took part in this bloody nightmare will be punished.

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