Georgians shot them right in the car: the eyewitness accounts of the Tsinagar tragedy

Thu, 28/04/2022 - 23:04

For centuries, the inhabitants of South Ossetia have been fighting for their right to life in their native land. Thanks to the aggressive actions of their southern neighbors, the Ossetians know that hell exists on earth.

On April 28, 1991, the history of South Ossetia was replenished with another tragic date. Seven unarmed residents of the village of Tsinagar in Leningor district – Otar Margiev, Givi Bibilov, Slavik Chertkoev, Zaur Khubulov, Otar Khubulov, Tengiz Dudaev and Taimuraz Khubulov, defending their pastures from cattle rustling, were killed by the Georgian aggressors.

The residents of the village, eyewitnesses and those whose families were affected by the disaster remember that terrible day. Residents annually pay tribute to the memory of the fallen fellow villagers.

“On this day, several of our guys were grazing cattle, the Georgians wanted to steal it, but they were not allowed. Among those who opposed the Georgian oppression was my father Otar Margiev,” Jemal Margiev told IA Res.

“Having seen the armed Georgians, the shepherds started calling for help: “Faedis! Faedis! All the men - some with a pitchfork, some with a knife (they did not have weapons as such), rushed to save their property. Not a single adult man remained indifferent. Residents got into the car and moved against the enemy. The Georgians shot them right in the car,” he said.

The brother of Givi Bibilov, another of the victims of the tragedy, recalls that the wounded in this massacre were taken to the Leningor hospital, and one to Gori.

“But the informals came to them and finished off the wounded. It can be said that they were killed a second time. They brought us a lot of trouble. And, even after many years, it is very difficult to talk about the terrible events of that April day,” the relatives of the victims say.

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