KGB of South Ossetia reported on the intelligence activities of Georgia near the borders

Tue, 09/02/2021 - 11:57

The State Security Committee of South Ossetia announced an aerial reconnaissance of the American Global Hawk RQ-4B drone near the southern borders of the Republic and Russia.

"The KGB has been receiving the information about the operational situation in the border areas of Georgia. So, on January 14, 21, the border authorities recorded flights of the American Global Hawk RQ-4B drone conducting aerial reconnaissance near the southern borders of Russia and South Ossetia. The UAV took off from the NATO airbase." Sigonella "(Sicily, Italy), passed south of the South Ossetian-Georgian and Russian-Georgian state borders over the territory of the territories of Shida-Kartli, Mtskheta-Mtianeti and Kakheti.", The KGB press service said.

The Committee has clarified that the Global Hawk RQ-4B drone develops a maximum speed of 637 km / h, "has a range of 5500 km with 24 hours stay in the destination area, its maximum flight duration is 36 hours, and its range is 22780 km. this aircraft is capable of acquiring an image of an area of ​​138 thousand square meters at a distance of 200 km. It was used in 2016 - 2017 for aerial reconnaissance of the territory of Donbass and the Crimean Peninsula. "

At the same time, the KGB of South Ossetia has recorded the appearance on the adjacent territory in the area of ​​the settlement. Of Uista of military personnel of units and subdivisions of the Intelligence Department (J-2 according to NATO classification) of the Georgian Defense Forces, as well as special operations forces.

"According to available information, Georgian military intelligence officers located in the border zone are conducting surveillance, carrying out search operations in the border area, and also practicing elements of a raid and penetration into the territory of South Ossetia with the aim of committing various sabotages, including under the guise of Russian servicemen, At the same time, special attention is paid to tracking the forces and means of the border service of the KGB of the RSO involved in the protection of the state border in the Tsnelis direction," the press service has noted.

The KGB has reminded that all military border facilities of the Georgian Ministry of Defense, as well as possible directions of penetration of violators of the state border, are located in the control zones and sectors of influence of the border forces of South Ossetia.

In addition, in connection with the threat of another escalation, the KGB has noted the constructive efforts of certain Georgian public and non-profit organizations that monitor the border area, reveal the aggressive plans and intentions of the Tbilisi regime, and also inform the Georgian public about the existence of the state border between the Republic of South Ossetia and Georgia.

“For example, on January 16, in the abandoned house in the non-residential settlement of Kadoeti, Dusheti municipality, representatives of the NGO movement found Russian-made military equipment, allegedly used by the Georgian Special Operations Forces to carry out provocations in the border zone. Subsequently, through the social network Facebook, the leader of the movement, D. Katsarava criticized the Tbilisi regime, which, by its inertia in matters of border delimitation and demarcation, criminally connives at violations of the administrative and legal regimes by Georgian citizens, "the message says.

In this context, the KGB positively evaluates the actions of these Georgian NGOs. The security agencies of South Ossetia consider the activities of patriotic leaders of the Georgian non-governmental structures to be productive and beneficial for the Republic of South Ossetia, thanks to which the effectiveness of the work of the South Ossetian border agencies in ensuring the security of the borders of the Republic has significantly increased.

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