Boxing Federation of the Russian Federation: the whole country is waiting for the Iron Ossetian to regain the belts of the world champion

Sat, 10/07/2021 - 20:36

General Secretary of the Russian Boxing Federation Kirill Shchekutyev spoke about the prospects of the outstanding Ossetian boxer Murat Gassiev.

According to REN TV, the sports functionary noted that the whole country was waiting for the Iron Ossetian to regain the belts of the world champion. And his next fight - against the German Michael Wallisch - is another step towards the return of the Russian champion to the top.

"We are all waiting for Murat to regain the belts of the world champion. I think that with each of his fights he is getting closer to this return," noted Kirill Schekutyev. "The whole world is waiting for a revenge between Murat Gassiev and Alexander Usik in the heavyweight division. I think that by the time Murat is at the stage of conquering one belt, and Usyk owns another, the fight will take place. "

Now Gassiev is focused on the upcoming fight against Michael Wallisch. The fight for the belt of the WBA ASIA heavyweight champion will take place on July 22 at the Dynamo volleyball arena as part of the International Boxing Day.

"For Murat, the fight will be competitive and will give him the opportunity to grow further," said Secretary General of the Russian Boxing Federation.

According to Shchekutyev, the main thing for Gassiev is to feel himself and the ring.

Murat Gassiev is a former IBF World Champion (2016-2018), WBA (2018) in the first heavyweight division. In Gassiev's last fight before the break, held on July 21, 2018, his opponent was Alexander Usik. Then Gassiev lost the fight by unanimous decision (UD).

After that, the Iron Ossetian returned to the ring and made his heavyweight debut. In October 2020, he defeated Albanian Nuri Seferi by knocking him out in the first round.

Murat Gassiev and Michael Wallisch will meet in the ring on July 22, International Boxing Day. The fight will be broadcast live on REN TV. Boxers will fight for the WBA ASIA heavyweight title.

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