They fulfilled their duty to the Motherland: the South Ossetian peacemaker about comrades in arms

Wed, 14/07/2021 - 11:38

The main reward for the hero is the well-being of his Fatherland

The introduction of the joint battalion of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces into the zone of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict in 1992 brought a fragile but long-awaited peace to the land of South Ossetia.

As the eyewitnesses are recalling, the peacekeepers in the Republic were greeted with tears in their eyes, they believed that the long-awaited peace had come.

This is how the July day in the early 90s was remembered by an active participant in the hostilities of 1989-1992, Temo Pukhaev., who immediately joined the ranks of peacekeepers, becoming the chief of intelligence, and then a company commander.

Behind the young guy's back, there was already a service in the ranks of the Soviet Army — the first reconnaissance battalion of the 14th separate army.

“People were so excited that they cried with happiness. Before the introduction of a contingent of peacekeeping forces in South Ossetia, there were very difficult times. About 300 armed people remained in the city, who were defending the city from the onslaught of the Georgian aggressors, ”Pukhaev said.

According to him, the South Ossetian guys, without hesitation, gave their lives for their homeland from 1989 to 2008 in the fight against the Georgian aggressor.

“Many of them are not alive today, the kingdom of heaven be upon them, but they have fulfilled their duty to the Motherland. There are many of them, one cannot list all of them, I will name only a couple of guys. Today my close friend is not with us - Akhsarbeg Tuaev nicknamed "Ryzha", Ivan Dzhioev - a man with a big heart, such worthy sons of Ossetia as Alan Dzhioev, Leva Kozaev and many others have passed away, "said the peacemaker.

About the tragic and heroic pages of the history of the Ossetians

With pain in his heart, Pukhaev is recalling the hard trials that befell the Ossetian people in the late 80s - early 90s.

“The starting point of the struggle of the Ossetian people for independence was on November 23, 1989, when our guys put up a chain in front of the Georgian aggressor, not allowing him to enter the city. 45 people formed the first chain, followed by the second, in total there were about 80 of them. Our enemies announced a peaceful rally, in fact, they gathered Ossetians from Tbilisi and other regions of Georgia in order to exterminate them, attributing their murder to us. We learned about their intentions.

As a result, 400 buses with Georgians turned around and went back, being afraid to arrange a terrorist attack there. It was a miracle to avoid a tragedy”.

Temo Pukhaev also well remembers the Zar tragedy, which claimed the lives of residets of South Ossetia.

“On May 20, 1992, my relative, Robert Ostaev and I were near the village of Zar when we heard shots on the Zar road. Under the crossfire, Georgian gangs shot innocent people who were fleeing the war. Among the victims was also Robert's father, Georgy Ostaev,” said the combatant.

Not being a slave is in the genes

When asked how the defenders of the Fatherland all these difficult years managed to resist the Georgian aggressor, many times outnumbering them, Temo replies that the fortitude and love of freedom are inherent in the genes of the Ossetians.

“When the people have it in their genes - not to be slaves, they give their best in the struggle for freedom. This saved us. Our people had never obeyed anyone, our Alan roots made themselves felt,” said Pukhaev.

The defender of the Fatherland is recalling that in January 1991, when 7,500 Georgians with sheepdogs entered Tskhinval, local residents did not even have weapons to resist them.

“Nevertheless, we started to create barricades and pushed back the Georgian aggressors. Subsequently, they were taking out a many wounded and the dead in trucks. They didn’t know that they were opposed by a handful of young guys, even children of 13-14 years old,” a participant in the hostilities has noted.

Beslan is my pain

Since 1998, Temo Pukhaev left for permanent residence in Beslan, North Ossetia. But troubles, as it turned out, followed him through life on his heels.

In September 2004, his family was among the hostages of the Beslan school, and his eldest daughter Madina was killed by terrorists. Even today Beslan is an unhealed wound in the heart of the father who turned gray from grief.

In subsequent years, he suffered a heart attack twice, after which he could hardly recover.

The former peacekeeper tries to come to South Ossetia when his health permits. He maintains close contacts with the Fund for the Wounded in South Ossetia, which is headed by his comrade-in-arms, Madina Plieva.

“I have known Madina for a long time, she was serving in my company in the peacekeeping battalion. Since 1992, she was taking an active part in repelling the Georgian aggression, was taking out the wounded in her car. This is an incredibly decent girl with a noble soul ", - Temo Pukhaev is speaking of Plieva with warmth, after whom he even named his daughter, who, unfortunately, is no longer alive ...

United Ossetia is the future of Ossetians

Temo is celebrating Peacekeeper Day in his homeland, South Ossetia, and on this significant day wishes his compatriots peace and prosperity.

“My only joy, as well as my pain, is my Ossetia, both in the north and in the south. I will not hesitate to give my life for it. Our people have suffered their right to live in peace and harmony. I wish them not to know more grief and troubles, may we not cease to rejoice at the cloudless future of our younger ones, and they are successors of our traditions, may they always carry the Alanian banner high. "

According to him, the geopolitics in the world is changing rapidly, and Georgia is hatching revanchist plans.

“Our enemies are arming themselves, preparing, and can very soon realize their plans with regard to South Ossetia. Our future is only one thing - this is the reunification of the south and north of Ossetia as part of Great Russia,” Pukhaev has noted with the hope that this will happen.

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