The Abkhazian delegation visited the Embassy of Abkhazia in South Ossetia

Mon, 09/08/2021 - 12:35

Before the end of the working visit to South Ossetia, timed to coincide with the 13th anniversary of the Georgian aggression, the Abkhaz delegation led by President Aslan Bzhania visited the Abkhazian Embassy in South Ossetia and met with Ambassador Alan Elbakiev.

The Ambassador spoke about the activities of the Embassy. According to him, in particular, the Embassy provides support to the families of volunteers who perished in the Patriotic War of Abkhazia.

“The Embassy has been taking an active part in all social, political, cultural and sports events. Good traditions have been established, including meetings with representatives of the Abkhaz diaspora, celebrating Volunteer Day and, of course, September 30 - the Day of Victory and Independence of Abkhazia,” Elbakiev said.

The Ambassador has added that he hopes that the arrival of the President of Abkhazia will become a catalyst for improving relations between South Ossetia and Abkhazia and expressed his readiness to fulfill all the necessary tasks to strengthen the relations.

"You will set serious tasks, we are always ready to fulfill them, and contribute to strengthening and development of our friendly, fraternal relations," said the Ambassador of Abkhazia to South Ossetia.

Aslan Bzhania and Alan Elbakiev have also met with compatriots and representatives of the Abkhaz diaspora in South Ossetia.

Alan Elbakiev presented memorable gifts to the guests from Abkhazia.

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