Tbilisi is able to once again become the instigator of the most dangerous military adventures, - says the South Ossetian Foreign Ministry

Wed, 06/10/2021 - 20:24

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Ossetia on Wednesday issued a statement in connection with the international command and staff exercises "Eternity-2021" in Georgia.

"On October 4-8, regular military exercises are being held in Georgia, this time the command-staff" Eternity-2021 ", with the participation of 200 military personnel from Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia. The purpose of the exercises is to organize the protection of regional economic projects.

In the Republic of South Ossetia, any military exercises taking place on the territory of the aggressor country cause serious concern and are regarded as a provocative step aimed at deliberately swaying the military-political situation in the Transcaucasian region, "the statement says.

It is quite obvious, as noted in the document, that Georgia, which has started thoroughly modernizing and building up its military potential, has not abandoned its plans of armed aggression and still counts on the forceful seizure of the territory of South Ossetia.

"Given the very complex configuration of geopolitical and economic interests and conflicts in the Transcaucasia, where not only regional actors are involved, but also external forces, such joint exercises carried out on the territory of Georgia, whatever their reasoning, have the most negative effect on the global strategic stability of the region. ...

Against the backdrop of another internal political crisis and a difficult economic situation, official Tbilisi, which does not want to take on the obligation to use force against neighboring states, is able to once again become the instigator of the most dangerous military adventures that could turn into tragic and irreparable consequences. In this context, the active support of the countries of the region for the militaristic policy of the Georgian authorities causes misunderstanding, "the Foreign Ministry has noted.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is authorized to declare that responsibility for the consequences of such provocations will be fully extended both to Georgia and the leadership of regional and non-regional countries.

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