Georgia, Saakashvili's arrest: comedy instead of tragedy, military exercises against the background of coronavirus

Wed, 13/10/2021 - 16:50

Despite warnings to the former President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili that he would be detained immediately upon arrival in the country, he illegally entered the territory of his homeland and was placed in an isolation ward, now transferred to a solitary confinement cell in prison No. 12 in the city of Rustavi. near Tbilisi. Saakashvili is serving a six-year sentence for malfeasance in office in the murder of a bank employee Sandro Girgvliani and the beating of deputy Valery Gelashvili.

Also, at present, the court is considering cases involving Saakashvili: about the mass brutal beating of participants in the opposition demonstration on November 7, 2007, about the pogrom of the Imedi TV company and about the embezzlement of funds from the state budget.

He does not admit himself guilty, and in protest he has been on a hunger strike for the 12th day, that is, since the day of his arrest. Pressing on pity, his lawyer spread that the former dictator's legs were swollen and it was difficult for him to walk and talk.

However, Saakashvili himself does not lose his presence of mind and even threatens Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili and other rulers of the country.

"Melia and I, together with the Georgian people, will soon kick you out of your offices, liberate the country," Saakashvili said in another letter, which was presented to the journalists by Eka Kherkheulidze, a member of the United National Movement. Melia is the head of the main opposition party in Georgia, the United National Movement, Nika Melia. This party is also called "Saakashvili's party".

Saakashvili knew that he would be arrested upon arrival in his homeland, but he took this step, for the sake of a martyr's halo, so that the masses in their arms would triumphantly bring him into the president's office. To pity the people, the script included the hero's getting into a tragic situation. However, unexpectedly, the situation turned from a tragic one to a comic tone. Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili said that "Saakashvili, who went on a hunger strike, ate half a kilo of honey while in prison."

“When a person claims that he is starving, he should not eat half a kilo of honey, and I declare this with full responsibility ... He personally bought seven cans of honey with his own bank credit card and ate half a kilo of honey. Based on this, stop lying and injecting society is delusional, "Garibashvili told reporters.

Saakashvili's side immediately reacted to this accusation.

"Saakashvili bought five small jars of honey, 50 grams each. After Misha heard the information that this was being speculated and could be used to cast a shadow on his hunger strike, he asked to convey to everyone that he handed back four jars of honey together with the act and a signature, "Kherkheulidze told reporters.

According to the head of the Georgian government, qualified doctors are monitoring and controlling Saakashvili's health every day and his condition is satisfactory.

It is difficult to disagree with the following assessment of the Georgian prime minister regarding this case: “This circus and show that we have seen over the last period serve only one purpose - to raise the temperature and show the public that a prisoner Saakashvili is allegedly seriously ill. And this is a personal task of the prisoner. Saakashvili, because they (Saakashvili's party) know that they will lose in the second round (elections to local authorities - ed.). "

The ex-president's personal physician Nikoloz Kipshidze claims that he allegedly suffers from a hereditary blood disorder called thalassemia, and this has never been reported in the media before. Naturally it was not reported. Because among the symptom of its clinical picture is the following: "Early onset anemia determines the physical and mental underdevelopment of the child."

So instead of tragedy, we got a whole comedy in two acts. In the first act, the ex-president who went on a hunger strike ate a pound of honey. And in the second act, his personal physician actually declared him mentally underdeveloped. However, those who watched his manic, hysterical policy, permeated with an irrational frenzied hatred of Russia and South Ossetia, cannot but agree with Mr. Kipshidze.

Meanwhile, his supporters have launched a vigorous activity to create the illusion of worldwide support for Saakashvili. PR has always been the strong point of this politician and his minions. Although Saakashvili is technically a fairly high-ranking Ukrainian official, Zelenskiy himself has not yet made any statements on this topic, but former President Yushchenko sent a very emotional message to the Georgian people praising Saakashvili.

Georgia is waiting for the second round of elections. Saakashvili and his supporters are waiting for the crushing victory of the United National Movement, and if this does not happen, then they have other cards in stock. Former Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava wrote an open letter to his former boss, which, in particular, says: “You need a little restraint. These people are slowly getting started. It was shocking and incredible to people. I'll get up soon and know that until I get you out of here [prison], I have no other business. It is unbearable for me to think when I imagine that you are in the prison of Bidzina [Ivanishvili]. A lump rises to the throat with anger. "

Meanwhile, large-scale military exercises were held in Georgia together with the servicemen of Turkey and Azerbaijan. More than 200 participants took part in total.

According to the official version of the Georgian defense department, the international training scenario is based on peacekeeping operations that ensure the security of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline during the crisis, as well as increase interoperability between Azerbaijani, Turkish and Georgian military units.

However, it is well known that in recent years the West likes to disguise its military aggression with beautiful words like "peacekeeping". The active militarization of Georgia has long been causing not only a wary attitude, but also undisguised concern. After all, it was after the military exercises of 2008 that the units of the Georgian army that participated in them rushed to seize South Ossetia, having suffered an inglorious defeat from the Russian army.

It is of concern that the exercise was also observed by members of the NATO Military Committee on a visit to Tbilisi, who visited the NATO-Georgia Joint Training and Evaluation Center (JTEC). Representatives of the North Atlantic Alliance watched online the Eternity-2021 command-and-staff exercises with computer support with the participation of military personnel from Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia. Then there was a meeting between the Chief of the General Staff of the Georgian Defense Forces, Major General Giorgi Matiashvili, and the head of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer. The parties discussed the process of transformation of the Defense Forces, the importance of military cooperation between NATO and Georgia and future plans, as well as security issues in the Black Sea.

Thus, these exercises and the increased interest in them on the part of the NATO leadership can in fact be called preparations for a real war.

Meanwhile, the country is facing more real problems. In Georgia itself, experts are again talking about an outbreak of coronavirus among adolescents. In Tbilisi, 55 kindergartens were closed for 12 days due to the coronavirus. Seven schools and 90 separate classes have switched to distance mode. A complex epidemiological situation is also observed in the Kakheti region. Due to the spread of coronavirus, seven state schools switched to distance learning, 39 kindergartens and five more groups were closed. In Tbilisi, over the past day, 465 new cases of coronavirus were detected, and in Kakheti - 294.

30 years ago, Georgia renounced its national sovereignty in favor of recklessly following in the wake of the United States not only in foreign but also in domestic policy. It is still unable to offer its people a positive agenda, unable to come to terms with the equality of the Abkhaz and Ossetian peoples. Therefore, Georgia is preparing for a new war, while the whole world, including Russia and South Ossetia, is fighting a new coronavirus infection, despite the fact that Georgia itself has a difficult epidemic situation.

Authorship: Analytical department of IA "Res"
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