Another group of the South Ossetian residents who have recovered from COVID-19 is sent to Russia for rehabilitation

Sun, 14/11/2021 - 19:31

A group of the South Ossetian citizens will go for rehabilitation to the Russian sanatorium in Pyatigorsk, Tamara Sanakoeva, head of the outpatient clinic, told the “Res” news agency.

“On Monday, November 15, a group of 11 people who have suffered. COVID-19 will be sent to a sanatorium. We have already collected all the necessary documentation, they will spend two weeks in Pyatigorsk,” Sanakoeva said.

As added by the doctor, citizens who have had a severe coronavirus infection of the 3rd and 4th degree (CT-3 and CT-4) are going for rehabilitation. This is the third group of COVID-19 patients who were sent for rehabilitation to Russian sanatoriums.

“Earlier, two groups were sent for rehabilitation. The first group consisted of medical staff who have had a coronavirus infection. The second group included both medical workers and citizens in need of rehabilitation. The first two groups were sent to the sanatorium in Essentuki. Now the third group will include residents of the Republic,” said Sanakoeva.

According to the head of the outpatient clinic, 13 people were supposed to go on November 15, but at the last moment two people refused to travel.

"Unfortunately, these two permits are lost, because we will not have time to issue all the necessary documentation, because this is done by the Russian side," the agency interlocutor, said Sanakoeva.

Tamara Sanakoeva added that all people sent to rehabilitation returned happy and only with positive comments.

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