The reserve power line has been launched in South Ossetia

Fri, 26/11/2021 - 20:16

In South Ossetia on Friday, a backup power line was launched in a solemn ceremony.

President Anatoly Bibilov, Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Rashid Nurgaliev and the Head of the Presidential Directorate for Interregional and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries Igor Maslov, members of the Russian delegation and the power engineers themselves pressed the main button for starting the power line.

“A complex work was carried out, specialists made complex technical solutions to put the power transmission line into operation. This is a truly significant event for South Ossetia. One cannot imagine how important this is for every resident of South Ossetia, because a power outage even for two or three hours in any republic becomes a state of emergency. And when it comes to days, weeks, we understand the state of the republic all these years,” the President said.

Bibilov expressed his gratitude to everyone involved in the construction work of the backup power line, once again noting its strategic importance for the Republic.

The construction of an additional power line to South Ossetia was carried out by the Federal Grid Company of the Russian Federation within the framework of the Investment Program for the Promotion of Social and Economic Development. The investment in the project amounted to 1.7 billion roubles

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