Anatoly Bibilov congratulated Daniel Ortega on taking office as President of the Republic of Nicaragua

Tue, 11/01/2022 - 18:12

President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov congratulated Daniel Ortega on his assumption of the office of President of the Republic of Nicaragua, the press service of the head of state reported.

“On behalf of the leadership, people of the Republic of South Ossetia and myself, I have the honor to send you the sincerest congratulations on the occasion of your official inauguration as President of the Republic of Nicaragua,” the message of the head of state says. - People of the Republic of Nicaragua appreciated the energy and perseverance with which the ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front party has been pursuing its political course, solving the urgent tasks facing the Republic of Nicaragua. Your dedication to the country and people, the ideals of the Sandinista revolution, tireless work on the development of the economy, social policy of the state have led you to a convincing victory in the elections. "

Bibilov is confident that the broad support of the Nicaraguan people, the political will of Ortega, the vast experience of the statesman, the constant desire to achieve prosperity for the country and well-being for every citizen, a pragmatic approach and dedication will make it possible to use the rich potential of Nicaragua for the benefit of the people and bring the country to a new level of development.

“For my part, I assure you, dear President, that South Ossetia values ​​friendship with the Republic of Nicaragua and are committed to further developing friendly interstate relations and filling cooperation between our countries with mutually beneficial projects. energy, new achievements and implementation of all the plans, and to the entire Nicaraguan people - peace, success and prosperity, "the President of South Ossetia has noted.

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