On the IPRM agenda are security issues and violations of the state border


A regular meeting in the format of Incident Prevention and Response Mechanisms (MPRI) is taking place in the village of Ergnet bordering South Ossetia and Georgia, the office of the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy for Post-conflict Settlement reported.

This is the first meeting this year. It was clarified, that during the dialogue, security issues, violations of the state border would be discussed, as well as an overview of the epidemiological situation in the region and the general epidemiological situation.

The meetings in the MPRI format are held within the framework of the Geneva discussions on security in the Caucasus. Representatives of South Ossetia, Russia, Georgia, the European Union and the OSCE are taking part in the dialogue

Each time, the IPRM format is highly appreciated by the co-chairs of the Geneva discussions, and they note the importance of the “Hot Line” operating under the IPRM in maintaining stability and resolving many border issues.

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